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Trading simplified

From idea to trading algorithm in minutes – utilize your favorite technical and fundamental analysis using only plain English.
What you can skip with
  • Learn programming language
  • Buy and download the platform
  • Realize platform doesn’t support what you need
  • Finish coding your strategy
  • Fix coding errors
  • Code optimization algorithm
  • Connect strategy to broker allowed by the platform
  • Backtest strategy
  • Pick platform supporting that language
  • Start coding your strategy
  • Code indicators for your strategy
  • Lose money and go back to backtesting
  • Backtest strategy again
  • Optimize strategy
  • Trade strategy in real time
  • Profit

How different traders use

Crypto tradersForex tradersEquity traders
Strategy testing
Strategy live tradingIn DevIn Dev
Paper tradingIn Dev
Manual tradingIn DevIn Dev
Free strategies available

Leverage the cloud

Trade hundreds of assets from anywhere at anytime

By cloud hosting people can get big banks and financial institutions data wherever they areBig institutions like Barclays, Deutche Bank and Bank of America contribute to data

Access from anywhere

A trading hub unchained from single device. Never install or update

Data you can rely on

Data from top banks and financial institutions ensure accuracy for all trading decisions you make every day.

Asset agnostic

Forex, US equities, international equities, metals, indices, commodities and crypto at your disposal.

How does it work?

1. create
2. test
3. trade

1. Create Automated Trading System

Construct full Automated Trading System or a simple one-line strategy within minutes. No coding, do it all in plain English with unrivalled simplicity.

Main features
Indicators, candles, price movements and correlations available
Unlimited entry and close conditions
Up to 10 Rules per Strategy
Create Automated Trading System


  • „For the first time in history, automated trading has been put into plain English. has revolutionized one of the most complex components of finance for the everyday user."
    Nicholas Merten
    Nicholas Merten
    Founder of DataDash
  • „ is the go-to system if you are looking for a quick strategy backtest and implementation. It opens up a whole new world of strategies previously available only to the quants.“
    Arsalan Haque
    Arsalan Haque
    Head of FX Options Trading, Asia ING
  • „Create and backtest automatic trading systems (ATS) has never been easier.“
    Ondřej Hartman
    Ondřej Hartman
    Author, Founder of

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0/ mo

10 backtests
3 Rules per Strategy
1 assets per Rule
1 year Crypto historical data
1 year Forex historical data
5 years Equities historical data
M15 min. Crypto timeframe
H1 min. Forex timeframe
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49/ mo

 Save 240 € a year
100 backtests
10 Rules per Strategy
3 assets per Rule
Max. Crypto historical data
5 years Forex historical data
15 years Equities historical data
M1 min. Crypto timeframe
M15 min. Forex timeframe
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149/ mo

 Save 600 € a year
500 backtests
unlimited Rules per Strategy
10 assets per Rule
Max Crypto historical data
Max Forex historical data
Max Equities historical data
M1 min. Crypto timeframe
M5 min. Forex timeframe
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Trader PRO

249/ mo

 Save 1200 € a year
1000 backtests
unlimited Rules per Strategy
30 assets per Rule
Max Crypto historical data
Max Forex historical data
Max Equities historical data
M1 min. Crypto timeframe
M1 min. Forex timeframe
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