We make revolutionary tools for traders

CLEO.one is a financial technology provider that took complex and fragmented financial tools, simplified them dramatically and made them available in one powerful hub to all individual traders.
The team behind it all has deep expertise in algorithmic trading, data architecture, machine learning, and capital markets with a successful track record within the financial sector. Our team is headquartered in London with operations in beautiful Prague.
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Why are we doing this?

The motivation stems from the frustration of not being able to use anything similar to the pristine institutional trading terminals in our own trading, which makes strategy improvement difficult, painstaking and time consuming.

CLEO.one Vision

Make the retail trader the financial hero of this generation.

CLEO.one Mission

Arming great ideas with powerful financial technology.

Kevin Grulich Chief Executive Officer of CLEO.one
Founder CEO

Kevin Grulich

Kevin spent the very early days of his career mastering trading on his own and went on to complete his MBA in Investment Management only after he had a proven track record as a trader for 8 years. Perhaps borrowing from his experience in the Slovakian National Rugby team, only now playing for team “independent traders,” he is trying to make them more successful by providing better trading tools than he ever had available.
Martin Kessner Chief Operational Officer of CLEO.one

Martin Kessner

Martin spends his days taking care of all CLEO.one operational details and staff, coming from all over the world as COO. He started orbiting the world of finance by getting involved in the family real estate fund that he ended up managing for 7 years. His education in Banking has yet to be fully applied.

CLEO.one Values


Just like our clients, it is in our DNA to push the limits of what is considered the norm or “good enough.” Our users are here to be better traders while spending less time trading and this must be the purpose of every effort we take. We are not satisfied by idly responding to needs as they arise - instead we try to anticipate them. Our team welcomes being challenged by what has become expected by the standards we have set for ourselves.


We understand what kind of responsibility the level of trust our clients have given us brings. At all times we are consumed with capturing every detail of our impact. The CLEO.one team will grow and develop only in a calculated direction that brings a positive impact to our immediate and wider environment. We treat each other with respect and proudly make our resources available only to endeavors that elevate those affected by the results.
Forex, crypto and equities trading startup CLEO.one young team in Prague office having a meetingTeam CLEO.one in Prague office


Improving the way people’s money works for them has, and will make us run into obstacles, barriers, and resistance. CLEO.one maintains our vision even in the face of adversity, even when it turns out tasks are much more robust than it seemed, even when we have to take a longer, more difficult road than we originally thought, even when we need to scrape days of work and start anew - as long as it helps our clients to save money and make time, we will keep pushing.


CLEO.one was born to disrupt the convention of what is available to the retail trader and we believe that this mindset is imperative to empower our clients even further. We reject the imposed constraints and have faith in the benefits of free thinking. Our company strives to provide an environment that supports crazy ideas in their infancy and allows individuals to reach their full intellectual potential.


Our actions and impact are none but our own and we are set on maintaining personal responsibility and hence freedom. The choices that our leadership has made have always been protective of our autonomy. We see colleagues make great strides on their own initiatives and get to share the pride of their achievements. Ultimately it is our goal that users get closer to their own independence with the help of CLEO.one.