Radically better crypto bots and strategy testing for Binance

With CLEO.one’s easy-to-use and powerful strategy testing, and automation platform you have the edge above other Binance traders. It’s FREE!

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Easily create simple or complex crypto bots with simple typing:

Binance is considered the best crypto exchange - it has the highest liquidity, security, great fees structure.

On top of it, our users no longer need to:
  • Stare at the charts for 591 available trading pairs waiting on strategy conditions to be met.
  • Trade without a simultaneous (trailing) Stop Loss & Take Profit.
  • Set price alarms.
  • Run to place trades when market conditions change.
  • Miss opportunities to enter/exit a position.
Instead start reaching your trading goals finally by:
  • Reducing risk by trading with simultaneous Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Enjoy perfect execution of trading strategies as crypto bots.
  • Capture every single market move as CLEO.one is working 24/7.
  • Get email notifications when strategy conditions are met.
AND, do it all for FREE!

What’s the catch?

  • Binance account created after 21.07.2020
    If you don't fulfill this condition create a new account with Binance, no KYC!
  • Created without a referral code.

This is how:

1Sign up with CLEO.one

Takes a minute and we’re happy to jump on a call with you to help you set up anything you might need.

2Connect a Binance account

Link your Binance account matching the conditions above to CLEO.one via API. We’ll verify it and wait for you to deploy your first crypto bot/manual trade.

3Trade your strategies as crypto bots

Crypto bots are created through simple typing and if you prefer to manually trade enjoy a trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit. We also feature the best crypto backtester on the market.

Gain an edge above other Binance traders

We know that long term profitability in crypto trading can be a challenge for independent traders. Binance is a fantastic exchange and CLEO.one gives you an edge above other traders using it.

With this special offer on CLEO.one and Binance we want to give traders a way to develop and reach their long-term profitability. You run your own backtests, create crypto bots and place manual trades. You gain the knowledge and skill to reach your trading goals.

So sign up, link your Binance account and finally enjoy powerful, easy-to-use research and automation in your crypto trading.

In case you still have questions:

  • Why do I have to match the account criteria?

    It was the only way we can provide our account for free. If you’d like to keep trading your current plan, or a different exchange we have options for you.

  • Are my funds on Binance safe?

    You never transfer any funds to us. They stay on the exchange always; you get to trade with them through an API.

  • What is the advantage of linking Binance to CLEO.one?

    You get to backtest your crypto trading strategies and know if they have potential. Demo the best on paper trading or straight up trade them as crypto bots. If you like to trade manually place market orders with trailing or regular Stop Loss and Take Profit. Optimization is made easy by readily available statistics in the platform.

Transparent pricing

Try it for free, upgrade whenever you want. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.


49/ mo

10 real-time Live trading
Unlimited manual trading
100 backtests
10 Rules per Strategy
3 assets per Rule
Max. Crypto historical data
5 years Forex historical data
15 years Equities historical data
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10 real-time Live trading (qualified)
Unlimited manual trading (qualified)
100 backtests
3 Rules per Strategy
3 assets per Rule
Max Crypto historical data
5 years Forex historical data
15 years Equities historical data
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If you want even more flexibility in your strategy and crypto bot creation see our other plans.

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