Code-free crypto trading bots

Build your strategy using volumes, price action or hundreds of other data points, backtest on historical data and deploy it live on your Binance account when ready! Easy, powerful and flexible.

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How can I trade?

Automated Trading

Connect to exchanges and never miss a trade in the 24/7 market using your best strategies

Paper Trading

Test your strategies without risking your own money and get actionable notifications

Manual Trading

Use smart tools to open and modify trades or set Stop Loss and Take Profit simultaneously

Free Strategies

Free Strategies

Don`t start from scratch! Test, trade and modify prepared strategies. They are fully transparent - you can see the trading rules, historical results, and detailed statistics.


Giving traders a real edge so they can trade with confidence.

Plain English

Build strategies through simple typing

Technical Analysis

Volume data, more indicators and candlestick patterns than any other platform

Backtest within seconds

Check how your strategy would have performed on historical data

Detailed statistics

Unrivaled insights into your performance

Fundamental analysis

Use Crypto Total Market Cap, Bitcoin Dominance, Alts Volume or other fundamental data points for Top 300 coins.

Full transparency

Know exactly how strategies are constructed, no shady bots or puzzling signals


Already Backtested Strategies


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  • „For the first time in history, automated trading has been put into plain English. has revolutionized one of the most complex components of finance for the everyday user."
    Nicholas Merten
    Nicholas Merten
    Founder of DataDash
  • „ is the go-to system if you are looking for a quick strategy backtest and implementation. It opens up a whole new world of strategies previously available only to the quants.“
    Arsalan Haque
    Arsalan Haque
    Head of FX Options Trading, Asia ING
  • „Create and backtest automatic trading systems (ATS) has never been easier.“
    Ondřej Hartman
    Ondřej Hartman
    Author, Founder of

Frequently Asked Questions

Find more answers in our help centre.
  • Is it free?

    Yes, there is free version of However, our Premium accounts offer wider variety of options.

  • Do I have to deposit money?

    No. You never transfer any trading funds to All your trading funds remain on the exchange.

  • Is it safe?

    We never hold your funds, nor can we withdraw your funds from an exchange. All your coins remain on the exchange.

  • Can I trade only cryptocurrency?

    No, we currently offer 40 Forex pairs and more than 80k US equities for backtesting and paper trading.

  • Is the platform finished?

    We are adding more functionality, exchanges, data sets, social features every month. This is just the beginning.

  • I am new to trading; can I still use the platform?

    Absolutely! If you can type, you can create trading strategies! With all indicators, candlestick patterns, volume and price changes, paper trading and backtesting abilities there is no better way to gain experience and become a solid trader. also contains free strategies for those that would rather do everything in a few clicks.

  • I have been trading for years, does offer complexity?

    There is no place on the web where strategies can be constructed with more sophistication and flexibility. In fact, our platform also supports Forex and Stock traders. Our tools are professional grade, and easy to use.

  • Why should I use instead of other platforms/bots?

    The only place on the web where you can trade crypto by describing volume and price changes. More indicators candlestick patterns than any other platform. Free strategies that are completely transparent. Lightning fast backtesting and our statistics are rivaling institutional quality. The only input is through typing. We are giving traders an unfair advantage.