Most traders never use tools that sharpen their skills needed for long-time profitability

With’s easy-to-use and powerful strategy testing and automation platform, you can finally become a great trader.

Easily create strategies through typing and run them as crypto bots:

Crypto trading is tough

Trading is difficult and the stakes are high. We know many things can go wrong:
  • Missed trades
  • Trading the wrong strategy
  • Failing to develop as a trader
  • Wasted money on shady crypto bots or signals
  • Inferior risk management on crypto exchanges
  • Lost funds
  • Learning programming for months
  • Painstakingly gathering testing data
  • Still have 0 great strategies to trade helps you master trading

Our users get to be better traders, while spending only a fraction of the time on:
  • Backtesting & knowing if your strategy is worth it
  • More data out-of-the-box than any other platform
  • Creating strategies in minutes through simple typing
  • Catching every opportunity to enter/exit a position 24/7
  • Reducing risk with (trailing) Stop Loss & Take
  • Profiting on any crypto exchange
  • Becoming a better trader by creating your OWN crypto bots
  • Developing multiple crypto strategies at the same time
  • Demoing great ideas on paper trading

How can I trade?

Automated Trading

Connect to exchanges and never miss a trade in the 24/7 market using your best strategies

Paper Trading

Test your strategies without risking your own money and get actionable notifications

Manual Trading

Use smart tools to open and modify trades or set Stop Loss and Take Profit simultaneously

Our users already tested0+strategies and counting! This is what they say:

You can become a long-term profitable trader:

  • 1Sign up with

    Takes a minute and we’re happy to jump on a call with you to help you set up anything you might need. We even have free accounts for certain exchanges.

  • 2Create your strategies

    Instead of programming for months, input your ideas in simple typing using indicators, price action, candlesticks, crypto fundamentals, etc. Backtest with a single click. Strategies become crypto bots.

  • 3Run your best strategies as crypto bots

    Automate your winning strategies as crypto bots or place one off positions with (trailing) Stop Loss & Take Profit on any exchange.

The best crypto trading tools available to independent traders

At we know that you’ve worked hard to become consistently profitable in crypto trading. To get there you need easy-to-use but powerful crypto trading tools that can allow you to develop and protect your funds. The problem is those tools usually require programming or cost too much for independent traders. Or they are nontransparent crypto bots or signals. It’s understandable you feel like there’s something missing in your trading.

All traders should have a great chance at increasing their funds. Independent traders have enough to deal with as they are navigating mostly automated, volatile 24/7 markets. Backtesting, solid risk management and crypto bots that can be created in minutes shrink the time it takes to make informed choices in the markets.

Sign up and start working on your crypto trading strategies. Choose the best by well informed statistics and run them as crypto bots. Or place one off trades with a trailing stop loss and take profit.


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In case you still have questions:

  • How do I know you won’t steal my strategy?

    The idea behind the strategy is completely your intellectual property and we are legally prevented from using it. Check our terms & conditions or reach out to speak to us directly.

  • I don’t trust crypto bots, manual trading is #1!

    Tools on their own can’t do anything but help. We do not sell bots, but help you create your own – or if you prefer – enjoy manual trading with (trailing) Stop Loss & Take Profit on any exchange.

  • My strategies are very complex... is the most flexible crypto bot creation platform on the market and provides more data than anywhere else. If we’re missing something, we have it in development.

  • Can I trade only cryptocurrencies?

    No, we currently offer 40 Forex pairs and more than 80k US equities for backtesting and paper trading.

  • Your pricing seems expensive...

    Between providing plenty of data, backtesting and live execution our pricing is more than worth it. But hey, we have some free plans for you as well.

  • I have no idea how to set up a trading strategy...

    No problem! We can help you with the onboarding and are happy to give you this full guide on how to create a trading strategy.

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